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Many sales forces fail to replicate effective performance across the organization, and instead rely on a handful of star reps to deliver results. We help clients improve the selling skills of their entire team with an approach for assessing, training, enabling and reinforcing key competencies and selling behaviors.  We deliver:

  • A complete sales competency model.
  • A strategy for measuring, developing, and sustaining improved skills.
  • Supporting processes, tools and training.

Learn more about our approach to developing the competencies desribed below in our white paper 5 Steps to Sustained Sales Excellence.

Apply a business owner mindset to grow the revenue and market share in the assigned territory based on thorough analysis and strategic planning.



Grow revenue and expand footprint within key accounts by addressing priority business issues and cultivating executive sponsors.


Define winning strategies based on analysis of the customer situation, the decision process, the competition, your position, and the strength of your solution.


Develop a healthy pipeline with a disciplined approach to contacting potential executive sponsors and generating qualified opportunities.


Define and communicate a compelling business value story in an interactive format that gains executive sponsorship.


Define the strategic and financial benefits that position the value and differentiation of your solution, and develop a business case to justify the investment.


Cultivate executive-level relationships by demonstrating credibility, building trust, and personally delivering value over the long-term.


Deploy a defined process to understand the customer's business problems and the value of solving them, and influence the perception of the ideal solution.


Increase win rate and improve market share through creative strategies and effective tactics that displace the competition.


Lead the customer and the sales team through a complex decision process while maintaining urgency and focus.


Define and lead a successful negotiation process, managing internal resources and maintaining margin.


Deliver results by ensuring a healthy sales pipeline through sales strategy, time allocation and activity focus.


Why Leading Sales?

Sales Playbooks

Create sales playbooks to accelerate time-to-revenue for new products, markets, and sales motions.

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Consultative Selling

Develop a sales process that creates differentiation and improves win rate.

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New Hire Onboarding

Create the timeline, development activities and milestones for fast ramp-to-revenue.

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