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Core Competency

Leading Sales enables sales transformation by working with clients to build the skills, tools and best practices required to sell differently.  Changing the sales force’s selling behaviors to bring insight and value to customer business problems yields immediate results, and has a long-term multiplying effect.  Based on these results, an investment in sales transformation has consistently proven to be one of the highest returning initiatives a company can undertake. 


Focus on Managers

Sales transformation is not easy and will only be successful if it is initiated and sustained by a team of competent, equipped and motivated managers.  However, most organizations under-invest in their management team by a large margin, often missing the key ingredient required for success.  We provide managers the coaching skills and tools that enable team performance improvement.  Read more about our philosophy and approach in 5 Steps to Sustained Sales Excellence.



Leading Sales was founded and is led by Brian McDowell.  View Brian McDowell's profile on LinkedIn  We staff all projects with a team of experienced consultants that bring the right background and expertise to the client’s situation.  We have over 15 years of experience in sales strategy, training and enablement, working with over 100 clients and training thousands of managers and reps.

Why Leading Sales?
Sales Leader Process

Develop a system of leader practices that will ensure consistency and drive improved results.

Competency Assessment

Deploy online surveys to assess and report competency levels for reps and managers.

Executive Whiteboarding

Teach the sales team a whiteboarding approach to present a compelling business story.

Sales Playbooks

Create sales playbooks to accelerate time-to-revenue for new products, markets, and sales motions.

Consultative Selling

Develop a sales process that creates differentiation and improves win rate.

New Hire Onboarding

Create the timeline, development activities and milestones for fast ramp-to-revenue.

Pipeline Development

Define the process, tools and terminology required to develop a healthy pipeline and provide accurate forecasts.

Strategic Account Growth

Instill mindset, skills and process that leads to significant growth in key accounts.

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